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NPC National Level Bikini Competitor & Fitness Model
Hello TrueStrength friends! I am Dayna Tappan, a 31-year-old Paducah Kentucy native with a passion for fitness and health. I am an ISSA certified personal trainer, and have experienced the many levels of fitness throughout my own life. I hope to spread what I have learned, and teach others use my shortcuts to become successful. Happiness is something I now experience every single day of my life, and I would love to help others learn how to do the same!

I have always wanted to become a force in the fitness industry. I truly feel my calling is to use the medium of fitness to help women and men of all ages to promote health, wellness, and positive self-image. I am truly blessed to become a team member to the best supplement company in the world, Optimum Nutrition. I can’t wait to share the quality products along with my passion for health to everyone! I want to display no shortcuts, no unhealthy measures with fitness…just drive, discipline, and nutrition. Optimum stands for this and that is why I am so proud to represent such a reputable company!

I cannot wait to meet each and every one of you to fill your head with empowerment and motivation for your goals! This is my mission! I recently devised a boot camp that is one of a kind. The boot camp is called emPOWERment, and it is a revolutionary way to look at fitness. We are looking the whole package, physical and psychological. I want to help people believe in themselves so they can succeed with their fitness goals and in their life. I feel it is my duty because of my journey to help men and women understand to love themselves and take care of their outside as well as their heart. Here is an excerpt from my last class…

"You are worth it. You have to believe that! You are radiant, strong men and women that inspire others everyday, even if your admirers are watching silently...they are watching. Please know we are setting examples for our children, friends and family. Be your own light. Lead the pack. Love yourself, and lead by example."

Since my rise to health and happiness I have become a happily married woman to the love of my life, a stepmother to the most perfect little boy, and a volunteer for charities in the local area. I have also competed in fitness competitions for just over a year and have placed as high as 6th Nationally and 1st regionally with Fitness America. After competing, I soon decided to break into the modeling side of the industry. I love to be glammed up in front of the camera! I have since been published internationally and am hungry for more! Last year my husband and I launched our very own fitness gear line B3GFIT.COM, which I am so excited about! We have fitness shirts and gear for the whole family and inspirational workout towels. It is growing by the second, and we could not be more pleased!

I truly hope to reach a large demographic with my empowerment message and Optimum Nutrition. It is so important for us all to band together and support others success in all walks of life!
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