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Auckland, New Zealand

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Figure Athlete
Hi, I’m Lucia, winner of the 2013 New Zealand Optimum Nutrition Fitness Model Contest and I’m very excited to be joining the New Zealand and International Optimum Nutrition Athlete Team!

I am currently in my first year of competing, also placing 1st Novice Figure Short at the NABBA Counties-Manukau Championships in April 2013. I have another two figure competitions in Auckland and Wellington, prior to partaking in the New Zealand National Championships in October. My ultimate goal would be to have the opportunity to compete internationally, representing New Zealand and Optimum Nutrition on a global stage.

When I’m not at the gym working up a sweat you can find me in the forest racing around on my dirt bike. I have been an avid off-road dirt biker for six years, competing in cross country races throughout New Zealand. The sport has been instrumental in conditioning my core strength; man-handling a 100kg motorbike for 5-6 hours at a time is a fantastic all-over workout! I also work full-time in the Banking industry and have recently completed a Bachelor of Business Degree, Majoring in Management.

To me True Strength is something that is deep inside you, a burning desire to accomplish anything you set your mind to. True Strength comes from knowing your goals, staying true to your values and never giving up. I hope to motivate and inspire others to believe in themselves and find their True Strength. Start by asking yourself… “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?’

Figure & Fitness Competition Results
1st Place - Optimum Nutrition Fitness Model Contest (2013)
1st Place - Novice Figure - NABBA Counties Manukau Championships (2013)

Motorbike Racing Results
3rd Place - Ladies Expert - Tadpole Race Woodhill (2012)
3rd Place - Ladies Expert - Tadpole Race Woodhill (2011)
2nd Place - Ladies Novice - Woodhill 2 Man (2011)
4th Place - Ladies Expert - Tadpole Race Woodhill (2010)
1st Place - Ladies Novice Team - Woodhill 2 Man (2010)
4th Place - Ladies Novice - Grand National Cross Country Series (2010)
2nd Place - Ladies Novice - Northern Cross Country Series (2009)
5th Place - Ladies Novice Team - Woodhill 2 Man (2009)
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