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Toronto, Canada

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IFBB Physique Pro
Hi my names Setanta Carroll and I am a new IFBB Physique Pro.

I grew up in Dublin, Ireland and sport was always a big part of my life growing up. When I was younger, like most kids, I tried my hand at soccer, gaelic football, rugby etc but it was on the track that I excelled competing at National level over the 100 and 800 meters. The early morning runs before school in the winter to the interval sessions on the sand dunes in the summer although nasty at the time gave me the mental toughness that helped in many areas of my life.

At 18 I went to college and studied Economics and Finance at University College Dublin and a few niggling injuries got me off the track and my focus turned to academics. At this stage i was 160 pounds soaking wet and started hitting the weights to keep myself in shape. I lifted all through college but it wasn't until my final year when I really started to learn about proper training and nutrition, that I started to see real changes and fell in love with it.

After college I got a job with a financial consultancy firm and got the amazing opportunity to move to Toronto for work. I decided to compete in a fitness model contest in March 2012 and over the 11 weeks I prepped for the show I learned more than I did over the previous year of training. I didn’t place but the knowledge I gathered from the process was indispensable. I missed the competitiveness of athletics and this filled the void….I was hooked.

My next show was the following October at a Natural Ontario Physique (OPA) event where came in 3rd . I was getting better and knew it was just a matter of time before things clicked, and the following April they did and I took the overall title at a regional OPA show. I met my coach Adam Headland at that show and with his help I went straight into prep for the provincials in June where I managed to take the overall again against guys that I had looked up to for years. I’m now getting ready for the CBBF nationals!
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