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Calgary, Canada

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  • Plyometrics! This is my new go to for my bootie! Lately i have been doing LOTS n LOTS of box jumps, split bench jumps, weighted cable pully machine walking lunges, jump squats and shuffles as well as a mix of hip thrusters, one leg step ups with a jump and mixing in some sumo squats, curtsy squats and one leg dead lifts wtih a kettle bell. I like to keep my leg exercises high intensity, high repetitions and medium weight with lots of jumping. You dont need heavy weight if you already have a big bootie. Its about shaping and tightening. Of course I would never start a leg workout without some Platinum Pre or at a minimum amino energy, its a must!
  • 1. Shake it for me

    Luke Bryan

Pro Fitness/Bikini Athlete
I was Born and raised in Northern Alberta, in the town that I come from you become independent early, parents work long hours so you really learn to prioritize your own life and somewhat fend for yourself at a young age. I was always that girl pushing the limits and seeing where life could take me. I had this mentality that "if a man can do it, well so can I". This I have taken into my business and fitness goals in life, and served me well. Although i have been into sports my whole life playing soccer and baseball for a better portion of my childhood. It wasn't until I was in my mid 20's that i truly started to understand what it meant to be fit and healthy. I was overweight, and going through a divorce , feeling like most women do after something so life changing. I wanted to look better, feel better and really didn't know where to start. My fitness journey all started when I was challenged by a friend to run a 5km race (one in which she was running 21 km) I have always been very competitive and wasn't one to do the "easier" option, so of course "if you can run 21km, so can I), well one Half marathon later, which turned into 3 half marathons.. from there i was addicted to bettering myself both physically and nutritionally. I stumbled upon fitness competing when a very inspirational friend of mine won a Bikini competition that use to be very overweight. I asked how she did it and she told me she started weight lifting and hired a trainer and nutritionist. I was at the time what I would call a "cardio" girl in that I only ever really trained light weights and cardio at the gym and was very thin but not muscular. I had always wanted to look like a Sports Illustrated or Status Fitness magazine girl, and felt like this could help! I took her advice and started training hard and became addicted. There is nothing more I love than being able to squat more and press more than some of the men in the gym (of course). I think being strong, fit, having a healthy diet and lifestyle is very rewarding, not to mention inspirational to those around me. I am so glad I took a step in the right direction so many years ago and haven't looked back. I am very passionate about how you fuel your body to make it stage ready and life ready for that matter and ON supplements have been my number one since the beginning.(Gotta love Casien mug cakes) My first set of trainers recommended Gold Standard Whey as a protein supplement and I have really never looked back. Outside of my health and fitness goals i own my own Information Management Consulting company that works within the Oil and Gas industry in Canada, this job keeps me on my toes and flying from city to city, and the majority of my time is dealing with Marketing, client relations, staff relations and client engagement. It definitely becomes a balancing act some days between Running between meetings, prepping meals, Working out and taking fitness to a much more demanding level closer to competition season. For me, planning, preparation and time management are key to successfully managing both my life, work health and fitness. Coming from a predominantly obese family I chose to take my personal health more seriously and hope that my fitness accomplishments can help not only those I come into contact with, but to my own family as well, in showing that you can find time, make small changes and see big results. Health should always be number one, and if I can inspire anyone in the ability to make a change that would be enough for me.

So, that's me in a nut shell.

Professional Profile.

2nd Place Diva Bikini Model Tall- WBFF - Pro card awarded 2013
1st Place Tall open Fitness Model - NPAA -Pro Card awarded 2012
1st Place Open Bikini Model - NPAA -Pro Card Awarded 2012
5th Place Worlds Toronto Show -IDFA -2010
1st Place Tall Fitness Model, Novice- IDFA 2009
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