Robyn Askew



Red Deer, Canada

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CBBF National Figure Athlete
Hi all, I'm 25 and a CBBF National Figure Competitor. I started competing just over a year ago once, I stepped out on that stage for the first time I new I got this high and wanted to get back on there. I love the competition world but that's only part of my passion in life. I work as a full time hair stylist and network educator for my salon here in Red Deer, Alberta. Originally from the east coast, Halifax Nova Scotia my family moved to Victoria British Columbia when I was 5, coming from a military family I always had structure in my home life which has helped me through the years.

I have a bunch of hobbies even though I don't get to do them a whole lot, I enjoy: snowboarding, skiing, running (completed my first half marathon a year ago along side my father) hiking, camping and most of all painting. It's something that has always been a passion of mine and also a reason I love doing hair as much as I do, I love the artistic side of it. Also my beautiful 2 year old bull mastiff Lexis keeps my boyfriend and Ion our feet cause she loves her evening walks around our subdivision.

When I'm training I like to tell myself, stay focused keep your eye on the price, Never give up you can do this (mostly when I do legs that comes in handy cause honestly who loves leg day!) work through the pain and push harder.

Remember: It's not about how bad you want it... it's about how hard your willing to work for it!! Go for it and achieve it..

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