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KL, Malaysia

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, 4th Degree & Professional MMA Fighter
I started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) in 1993 when the sport was still quite new and unknown by most of people. I then became a serious competitor right after, winning my first medal in my second competition in 1994 and the first big tournament in 1995. Many others came after that and even without knowing or thinking about, I started building a reputation in the sport. Rio de Janeiro was the Mecca of BJJ and the toughest and more challenging competitions and competitors happened to be there at that time.

My bond with sports and Jiu Jitsu where so strong that I then decided to shift from the Architecture University I was registered and coursing to study Sports Science / Ph. Ed. which I got my University Degree in 2001.

Training, competing and teaching were my life and I had the opportunity to move overseas in 2005 where I got invited to work for a big fitness company in Asia. It was in Kuala Lumpur where I had the opportunity to open my own Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy – Leverage Combat Academy -­ and start my own BJJ Association which is today recognized as one of the best in Asia.

Still active in competitions, representing what is considered the best MMA team in the world – Team Nova União - I feel happy to be able to still do what I love, learn from my training partners and coaches and also be able to inspire people.

BJJ in an endless journey and we can’t get a rid of it…it’s 100% addictive but when I decide to end my competition career I will surely keep helping other athletes to accomplish their goals and feel the joy of doing what they love. I thank God everyday to have given me the opportunities no matte if
I had the competence to take it or not. Also, to have put such a great sport and people on my path. Alone I would have gone nowhere!

Like I always tell my students: "Work hard and be 100% honest. Prepare yourself to be the best you can be, to push to all your limits. Be humble and be loyal and keep always a positive mindset. This is the best we can do…success, victory…none of this is up to us. Our job is to be ready, with no regrets…then let God decide the rest.
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