Chris Jenkins



NSW, Australia

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IFBB/NPFC Amature Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, Personal Trainer
I would like to thank you personally for stopping by and checking my profile on I'm hoping to help motivate other bodybuilders, keep in touch, and respond to their questions.

Background – 10 years basketball , 4 years bodybuilding.
Hobbies – Listening to Music , Collecting Nikes and Jordans, and Eating :)
Favourite Body part to Train – Legs or Back
Favourite Exercise – Incline barbell or dumbbell press
Favourite Diet Food – Chicken and Rice
Favourite Junk Food – Pizza , Steak Mash and Garlic Bread
Training Music – Gangster Rap or Heavy Metal

How did you start working out?
I had always been interested in weight training, but I never had an opportunity to get to a gym until after highschool. At first, some friends and I just sort of trained a few times a week to look good at the beach, but as the results came I trained more and more. At one point I think I was doing full body workouts everyday. After a while, I began to get hungry for a competitive edge to all the training. So I decided I would do a bodybuilding show, but with zero knowledge of proper training or nutrition, I contacted the late Luke Wood to help me get started. In a few short weeks, Luke had whipped me into shape, and I went on to win my first show, the IFBB Australasian Novice division. From there, I fell in love with everything bodybuilding…And the rest is history!

What are some of your bodybuilding goals?
I would like to win a Super Heavy Weight National Title, and to get a Pro Card. I'd like to compete in the USA as an amateur and get on to a few magazine covers.

What goals do you have outside of bodybuilding?
I want to buy my first house , get married , have kids … That sort of stuff.


1. Platinum Hydrowhey - This right here is my number 1 product ... I use this whether im offseason or 1 week out from a show. It really is the Ferrari of proteins , And the Choc Peanut Butter flavour honestly is bad ass!

2. Platinum Pre - This right here keeps my amped and focused through my workouts! I love that it gives me the push i need in the gym with out making me feel to stimmed up!!!
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