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  • Apr
    Gold's Gym Demo

    200 Racine Dr. - Wilmington, NC - 4pm-8pm

  • Quad Extensions Sets: 3 / Reps: 15,12,10
  • Laying Hamstring Extensions: Sets: 3 / Reps 15/12/10
  • Barbell Walking Lunges 15 meters then 10 Plie squats
  • Leg Press Sets: 3 / Reps: 10 wide 10 narrow
  • Reverse Hack Squats: 3 sets 12-10-8 Reps wide and super-setting with 12-10-8 Reps narrow
  • 1. A Warrior's Call


  • 2. Still Counting


  • 3. Boom Boom Pow!

    Black Eyed Peas

  • 4. Heaven Nor Hell


  • 5. Sexy and I Know It


NPC National Level Bikini Athlete & Model
I'm originally from Jacksonville, NC but I moved around quite a bit as I grew up in a Marine family and just so happened to marry a Marine. I have always had a bit of a rebellious side, but don't we all? I guess growing up as a Marine brat in a family of six, I felt the need to stand out and not always in a good way : ) This girl needed to find an outlet for all the energy I had bottled up so I trained in Okinawan Seidokan Karate. I eventually earned my black belt and began helping my father instruct classes at the dojo. During my teen years my true passion was cheerleading where I competed on the Varsity squad in high school. I thrived in an environment where my competitive spirit and determination to always excel was able to flourish. Upon graduation from high school I attended Miller Motte Technical College in Wilmington, NC and became a licensed cosmetologist. Soon after, I met my husband Kasey, got hitched and we moved to San Diego. Then in 2010, we welcomed our amazing son Cameron into the world. I worked out throughout my entire pregnancy and made getting my pre-baby body back a top priority! I began modeling and got my first magazine cover just 8 months post pregnancy! I enjoyed working out and like I said I am very competitive. My husband who at this time had competed in a few bodybuilding competitions mentioned a new bikini division. After going to support him at his shows and then attending the LA Fit Expo I entered my first show the "Flex Bikini Model Search" in February 2012. It was such a great experience that I was instantly hooked. I have since moved to Wilmington, NC. I am currently training 5-6 days/week in pursuit of an IFBB pro card in The Bikini division. Since the beginning of my training I have been using Optimum Nutrition products and can truly say that I am honored to represent ON/ABB!
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