Corey Hammac




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  • 150 Wide grip pull-ups for time
IFBB Physique Pro
I grew up in Wilimington, NC where you either spent your time in the weight-room, or on the beach, and I chose both! I also played several sports in High school, including All-star Cheerleading. This is what actually lead me to where I am now - Kentucky. I spent 1 year at UK, and then 3 years at the University of Louisville, where I won 2 World Championships and the 2011 Division 1A NCA National Championship. After graduating with my degree in Biology, I decided to gear my training toward competing solo on stage. With Bodybuilding being out of reach for my lifestyle, I decided to go with Men's Physique. I won my class in the first 4 shows I entered, which culminated in my IFBB Pro Card at 2012 NPC Nationals in Atlanta. Ever since, I have been working with clients as a Personal Trainer, both online and in person, am currently finishing nursing school, and plan on going back to school to eventually get my CRNA and be a Nurse Anesthetist.
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