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Dunedin, NZ

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Ms. New Zealand Shape (NABBA) & Host of Highlanders TV & Placed 3rd in Universe Bodybuilding Championship in Germany 2013
Hi, I'm Suz Baxter and I am the winner of Ms New Zealand Shape 2012; National New Zealand People’s choice group fitness instructor 2011; and Runner up National New Zealand group Fitness instructor of the year 2012, 2010.

You might also enjoy some of my Highlanders TV YouTube clips where in each episode I get to interview a different member of the Highlanders Super XV rugby team (also sponsored by Optimum Nutrition).

I believe that there are so many things that through exercise we can accomplish: whether it be a sense of self, forgetting our barriers, and also reaching our full potential. I'm down-to-earth Northern Irelander, living in Dunedin and studying for my PhD in health psychology. I became a group fitness instructor and exercise professional to bring the passion and excitement that I have for fitness to others. I have built on my journey and passion by recently embarking in competing in the Shape class for NABBA New Zealand both on the regional, national and international stage (for which I am extremely grateful for). I feel as though it was this recent change, shift in perception and the goal setting involved with competing, (and my involvement with Optimum Nutrition) that has made me more authentic as a fitness professional: time after time I used to tell people that they had to set a goal, and yet I didn’t have one myself! Through this I have become empowered to strive high and dig deeper to working harder.

As a fitness instructor, personal trainer and academic my goal is to set and maintainhigh standards that define the whole hearted and holistic approach to health, fitness and wellbeing as a profession; and to share, inspire and lead in this vocation to the world. There is a plethora of misinformation, miscommunication and misconceptions in how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and it is not a wonder that many of us can be confused about where to start and what is correct! I never tire of learning new and surprising things about the body and mind and its capabilities in the world around us. I have been in the fitness industry for close to 8 years now and to me exercise and health is my passion.

My advice to anyone who is unhappy with their fitness or health is to make small and consistent changes. It is what you do all of the time that certainly adds up. Making a big change can be hard but with the support of friends, family, and by setting some small but achievable goals, you can make a lifestyle change for the better, and start living your best life NOW!
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