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New York,NY

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  • Day 1: HIIT / Bodyweight Intervals
  • Day 2: Chest / Triceps
  • Day 3: Legs / Biceps
  • Day 4: HIIT / Bodyweight Intervals
  • Day 5: Shoulders / Triceps
  • Day 6: Back / Biceps
  • Day 7: Off
Physique Athlete, Model & Actor
I’m Dave Williams, and I am a Physique competitor, a model, coach, writer, and an aspiring actor. I am also a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition.

They say the body is a temple, but I like to think of mine as more of a laboratory. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, so ever since I caught the fitness bug, I have been reading about different training and nutrition methods. I love taking what I learn, piecing things together to create my own fitness experiments, and then hitting the gym with a childlike excitement.

Some people criticize this approach and call it program hopping, but that’s what I love about fitness. You aren’t confined or obligated to a predetermined set of rules. You are free, and you are empowered.

See, True Strength is a state of mind. I challenge each of you to find yours both in and out of the gym. A healthy body is the underlying foundation of a happy, healthy life, so whatever gets you excited to continue improving yourself, I implore you to do just that. Achieving your fitness goals will give you the confidence, the mental fortitude, and the True Strength to break down any barricade in any aspect of your life.

True Strength is different for all of us, but we all have it. So chase your passion, be relentless, and once you capture it, help someone else capture their own. Together, we will let our True Strength shine!

Check me out on Twitter and Instagram @dwilliams1021
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