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New Brighton,PA

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IFBB Physique Pro
I grew up in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, PA. My childhood passions were sports, being outside, and just being active. My love of fitness and the gym started at the age of 14. I loved training for sports, but I began to find myself in the weight room more and more. I became more interested in simply testing my body’s capabilities and limitations; then pushing beyond them.

During my childhood, my mother underwent multiple back surgeries for several herniated discs. In order to help her manage throughout her life, I decided to work towards a career in physical therapy. This drove me to explore the educational aspects of nutrition, fitness, and medicine. In high school, my passion for nutrition and medicine only escalated. I became a certified personal trainer at age 18 and was starting my bachelors of Science degree in Exercise Science. I realized that if I wanted to truly become the best that I could be, knowledge would be power. After completing my bachelor’s degree, my intentions were to further my career with a Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies or a Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy. As most know, regardless of how much you plan ahead, plans change! Unexpected success in my fitness career has postponed graduate school; however, you can never give up on a dream.
I competed in my first OCB bodybuilding show in 2009 where I placed 2nd in the open bantam weight division. I had a very difficult time getting my legs to grow, and still do to this day. So I decided to wait until my legs got bigger before I would step on stage again. Then I heard about a new Men’s Physique division in NPC/IFBB. My friends at the gym brought it to my attention and convinced me to compete in the 2012 NPC Pittsburgh, although I did not commit to the show until about three weeks prior. I had no idea what to expect, but ended up winning the overall division. My second show was the 2012 North American Championships where I placed 4th. My third show was the 2012 NPC Nationals where I placed 2nd and won my Pro Card.

Here are a few random facts that some of you may find interesting:
1. I’m a huge outdoorsman. Yes, I hunt, fish, camp, climb, etc.
2. Competing in Men’s Physique is not my main focus, living a healthy, adventurous, and purposeful life is.
3. I make my own diet and training plans.
4. I may be an IFBB Men’s Physique Pro, but I still love CrossFit!

Volunteering your time, sharing knowledge, and helping others achieve their goals will bring more happiness to your life than you could ever imagine.
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